Saturday, January 26, 2013

CrowsToes the Pleiades collection - part one of three

Hey look at me, actually posting swatches in a somewhat timely manner?

So check it out, this is the Pleiades collection from CrowsToes. Don't worry, I had to google it too (and my partner had to correct my pronunciation), and it's taken me until now to memorize how to spell "Pleiades."

The Pleiades (say it with me: PLEE-uh-dees) are known in Greek mythology as seven sisters, the daughters of Atlas and Pleione, who were relentlessly pursued by Orion, the hunter. Out of pity, Zeus first changed the sisters into doves, and then into stars to comfort Atlas. You may know that Orion is a constellation. Well, the Pleiades are a star cluster, and it is said that Orion is still up there chasing them.

That's the super condensed version, only for the purpose of this post. If anyone out there takes issue with my "Greek mythology," please bear that in mind. And if you study Greek mythology, feel free to send me a replacement text for the above paragraph. ;)))

Now the rest of this post should mostly concern nail polish. The Pleiades collection is made up of eight polishes; seven for the sisters, and one for Orion. I'm splitting this review up into three posts, and today I'm starting with Maia, Asterope, and Celaeno.

Disclaimer: I really tried to capture all the multichrome in these shades, but these babies are seriously stunning in person.


I apologize for the tip wear. These pictures were taken after three days of having Maia on my nails. I seriously did NOT want to take Maia off. This is the first one I tried, and I didn't think anything else in the collection could top this. (Spoiler alert: I was wrong)

I wore two coats, but added an extra coat before taking pictures. Maia applied a little thick, but very even, and two to three coats works perfectly, depending on the thickness of the coats.

The main color in Maia is a rich reddish purple, which shifts to red and orange and extreme angles.


This is two coats of Asterope. Between taking Maia off and swatching the rest of the collection, I filed down my index and middle fingers a little bit to try and take care of some peeling.

Asterope is a burnt orange that shifts to a lighter bronzey orange and yellow at more extreme angles. It's just as strong as Maia. Simply devine. *sigh*


Celaeno is a little more subtle than the first two, but still just as beautiful at two coats.

It's mainly a light coppery orange (more orange than the pictures show), and it has a strong golden yellow shift with a touch of green at the end. Looks a little "Peridupe-y" in the bottle, but looks nothing like Peridot on the nails!

That'll do it for today. I still need to finish taking bottle shots, so I may have another post up tomorrow, or I might just be lazy and wait for Monday. ;) Before I sign off, the Pleiades can be found on Llarowe for $13 each.

Ciao, bellas.

(Products were provided for my honest review)

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