Thursday, January 31, 2013

more Pleiades for your faces: Orion, Electra, Alcyone

Am art major. Bow 2 my skillz

So as my spectacular fucking header pic may have tipped you off, I have some more CrowsToes Pleiades to post today.

WORTH MENTIONING: I took some of these pictures like a week apart so in some of them I'm wearing two coats, and then in others three coats of polish. I'll try to remember which is which and let you know.

I'm just gonna jump right in so here we gooooooooo


Orion is a freaking awesome green/yellow/turquoise multichrome. The shift in this one is BEAUTIFUL; it looks mostly green in person but I'm so glad that my pictures show the wide range of color in this one.

I looooove greens like this. I wore it in two coats in all pictures above. Probably could have done three, but any bald patches only showed up in the fourth picture.


Two coats!

Electra is an electric blue (I mean really) with a blue-violet/purple multichrome. This one is really super bright and vivid. The name Electra definitely fits, that's for sure.

In the second picture I wore two coats, but the rest all show three. This one is best in three thin coats for sure. I got the most even coverage that way.


Two coats
Two coats 

Alcyone had the most interesting color out of these three in my opinion. In some lights it appeared very blue-violet, and in some a vivid slightly grayed blue. (cooler toned than Electra) Anyway, the shift goes from blue-violet/purple/wine in this one.

The first two pictures show two coats, and the last two show three. Once again, best in three thin coats.

Hate to sound cliche but these are stunning. And the last two are actually probably my favorites. I'll be posting those pretty soon, and then I have a bunch of Pretty & Polished to get started on. I'll probably show those just one at a time, since I have something else planned for February. ;;;))))

Okay I won't leave you hanging. I had kind of a frankenpolish binge last night (see my twitter), and my pal Inky invited me to post frankens every Friday in February with her. Of course I agreed! :B So you'll be seeing a lot of those soon.


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