Tuesday, January 29, 2013

my damn stash *VIDEO*

Hey y'all.

I have very few words to share today; just a video of my stashola!

Please enjoy my awkwardness. Also I don't know why the video is a little wide and stretched out. :/

I'll be back with the Pleiades soonish. <3



  1. i have one of those snapwares, too! i outgrew mine some time ago, but i still use for all of my nail art supplies! great stash/video!
    oh and funny sidenote, my glue basecoat is in a SC bottle, too!

    1. Thank you! I hope to get a Helmer EVENTUALLY. I've definitely outgrown my snapwares. :/

  2. Sooo...I kind of loved you before. Now I love you even more. And I totally have nail envy every time I see your photos...I have short wide field hand nails, which is less than ideal for a polish-aholic. Anyway, back to the...I kind of love you. :-)


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